Friday, August 10, 2012

good things & a look at the calendar

 good things:
Nathan & Kayla are spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen......chocolate covered strawberries one night and chocolate chip cookies the next....can you say "Susan, get back on that DIET!!!":o) But, they were sooooo good!
Speaking of diets, I had done so well with the whole losing weight thing. I kind of went astray sometime around the 4th of July, and I'm still wandering (and eating everything good in sight along the way). I did work up the nerve to finally weigh myself on Monday morning.....I've gained a few pounds back, but it was better than I thought. I need to watch it though, it goes back on much easier than it comes off.
I'll try to do better, after..................we get back from our weekend getaway. I simply can't go to O.C. without eating some Thrasher's Fries and some Dolles Popcorn! :O)
Peter is a bit fretful about the weather. It's looking like we picked the rainiest weekend of the summer to go away. Ok, so what? If it rains it rains....if we can't go on the boardwalk.....plan B: we'll go to the movies. Peter, Nathan, & Kayla are dying to see
The Dark Knight RisesPoster of The Dark Knight Rises

I want to see.................... Hope Springs!!Poster of Hope Springs
We can go bowling...and our hotel has an awesome pool.....dinner somewhere nice....okay, plan B is starting to sound better than the original plan. :O) Anyhow...quit fretting over rain........we'll have an awesome time! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!!

a glimpse at our calender over the next few weeks:
  • Aug 11 & 12- away for the weekend
  • Aug 24/25/26- Logan & Lindsey will be here for the weekend {Homecoming} also, my sis & nephew!
  • Aug 27- dr. appt for Nathan & finish school shopping
  • Sept 2- Peter & Nathan boat docking in MD {Labor Day Weekend}
  • Sept 3- Logan's b-day!!
  • Sept 4- first day school {this will be my last "first day" of school with my boys} WoW! it's becoming so real that my last child is graduating :O(
  • Sept 5- FOOTBALL begins!!!! :O)
I have less than 2 months until we close the b&b for the season.....I've said this before, I really love my job, but I am so ready when October gets here! Summer is super hectic. I am looking forward to cooler temps, putting my jeans back on, pumpkins & mums, and being a SAHM again for a few months......I {{{love}}} FALL!!!!

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beagleAnnie said...

Hi Susan
I'm happy to read your lively post. Sounds great.

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