Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Logan!!!!

photo taken last year After being married for 5 years, Peter & I decided it was time to add a baby to our family. We told everyone at Chrismastime that we were pregnant. We were so happy!! The months passed by quickly {well, until my best friend Wanda decided to go into labor 6 weeks early and had Whitney on July 2 instead of late August!!!} Finally, the day came when I was taken to the hospital.......on SEPT 3, arrived!! My water broke around 9 pm, and by 1:09 am we were holding you in our arms. Until you hold your own first born child, you won't really understand how simply amazing that feeling is. We fell in love with you the second we saw you, but had no idea the joy you would bring to our lives over the next 23 years!! You were a big baby....10 lbs. 1/2 oz. -23 inches long. You were the biggest baby in the nursery-you really stood out, not just because of your size, but you were such a beautiful baby {you know how you hear about all newborn babies being not so cute...nope, not you...LOL}. You were a good baby, very healthy, always at the top of the charts on growth & development, you loved being read to and learning new things from watching Sesame Street. From day one, you always wanted to be exploring new things, learning about everything, being in the middle of any and all activites that were going on. You have had this most wonderful personality since you were a baby. There wasn't a person you didn't want to meet and become friends with, or an activity you weren't involved in. Among your many friends was Whitney. You were buddies from birth {although you were known to pull her hair or pinch her loved her that much!!} I truly took on the role of new Mom with must hate me for all the cute outfits {OshKosh bibs were my absolute favorite!!!}, the Halloween costumes, all the cute songs and rhymes I taught you, all the birthday parties.....oh how I miss those days! You had your own personality though, and you LOVED to dress up, you really got into character {I do have pictures to prove this!!}. From a young age, you talked about what you wanted to be when you grew up. I never doubted you would be a success someday. You always had drive and ambition, starting with working on your Dad's boat at 6.....painting boats at the railway.....delivering boxes.....always at the fire dept. with the older guys, and managing to get a spot on the firetruck in the Christmas parade when you were 5 maybe? As you got older, you worked with other captains on their boats and always had money to buy the things you wanted. Your sense of humor has always kept us amused. You always manage to have us laughing after only a few minutes of being around you. Your animated stories are THE BEST!!! You are such a loving, thoughtful, giving person to all you come in contact with. Your love for family means more to us than you'll ever know. We are so proud of what you have done with your life. You joined the workforce just 1 week after graduating from high school. At 17 years old, you had a job as deckhand, and before you turned 20, you had gotten your captain's license, and started training to be mate. At almost 21, you were the youngest mate ever at your company. Whatever you set your mind to-you do it. You are hardworking and determined, you give 110% in everything you do. We were very fortunate that you chose to live at home until this year. We enjoyed every minute having you around, but we are so happy that you have a place that's your own now. I hope that someday you will find someone that will fall in love with the Logan we have love so are truly an amazing young man!! We are so proud of you!! We love you so much!! Happy Birthday Logan!!!

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