Thursday, October 4, 2018

Flocked vs. Live Christmas Tree???

real tree vs fake tree...pre-lit or string your own...flocked or not many options, so many choices! 

Up until a few years ago, I had never had a live tree, but I immediately fell in love with them! I love going to pick it out, the smell, the not having to shape it, the natural beauty...and did I mention the amazing smell? 

I swore I'd never go back to a fake tree again, but then came work schedules, and having to buy our tree super early and it looking pretty shabby by New Years. My ideal is to put up our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and keep it lit up well into the New Year! I love the glow of the lights, the coziness of having a tree lit up in the early morning. I don't go overboard with the Christmas decorations, but a tree is a must!!

So....with the holiday season quickly approaching, and Peter's not so great December work schedule, I am seriously considering ordering a tree this year! 
[side note: I bought a fake tree a few years ago when this problem came up, but it is UGLY, and I wanted to cry after I put it up that year!]

I'm loving all the beautifully decorated flocked trees I'm seeing on my IG feed and I'm pretty much sold on getting one too! Maybe someday we will go back to my beloved live tree, but for now, I'm hopping on the fake tree train! :O)

I'm looking at a Flocked Tree from @kingofchristmas --stay tuned!

Photo edit: theglamfarmhouse (IG)

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