Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Little Visits

Logan and Lindsey needed a sitter for Kamry while they went to an O’s game last weekend. Of course I can baby sit!!! Peter is away at work, so Mom went with me for the night and we had a blast! The O's pulled out of their slump and WON 15-7!!!!

We hung out a bit, before they headed to Baltimore. 
It was such a beautiful day, we went for a little stroll around the neighborhood. Phew…it’s HOT!

We had lunch, then I put Kamry down for an almost 2-hour nap. 
After some play time and a little Peppa watching, we ordered pizza for dinner.

Kamry had some blueberries and avocado while we waited for the pizza delivery.
She is such a good eater and while she loves blueberries and avocado, she really LOVES pizza!!

We had the best, best day!!! Kamry is a pure joy and just loves having people around. She is so much fun!! After dinner, she played in her room for a bit before bath time. She had the most fun in her ball tent. She got a little wild and was "overacting" and dying laughing!!! I wish I could have caught her on video- putting a blankie over her head, diving into the balls, and "swimming" in them. It was hilarious!! She did this over and over, and pretty much wore Nana and Gran out (and she was the one doing all the work!!) LOL By the time I took this video, she had calmed down! 

She's a wild child in the bathtub! 
It took me and Mom both to wash her and her hair!!! :O) :O)
She's a calm child for the most part, but I found out the bedtime routine is when she turns on!!

Dad had gone to Chincoteague for a few days of fishing with Julie and Derek for his birthday/Father's Day. 
No luck fishing, but had the best time!!

He stopped by on Sunday morning for a little visit, then we all three came back on the tour boat.
We had a wonderful time!!!! I can't wait to go back!!!! :O) :O) :O)

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