Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Travel Channel Favorites

Two of my most favorite things: taking a vacation and running an inn.... both just happen to be the topics of two of my favorite shows on tv right now.

On Monday night @ 10 pm est tune in to Hotel Impossible on the Travel Channel.

About the show: "Anthony Melchiorri's tough-love style can be hard to swallow and overhauling a business is a painful and often emotional task, but the potential reward of a fully booked hotel with excellent customer reviews makes it all worth it.

Each episode features a hotel that is having problems or is not living up to it's potential. Melchiorri secretly scouts the property and identifies its biggest problems. He then meets with the staff from front desk receptionists to housekeeping to the owners themselves to determine the key operation issues. Some owners could risk losing their hotels if Melchiorri’s renovations do not work. After coming up with a plan and prescribing the changes that need to be made, Melchiorri revamps and re-motivates the staff and transforms the hotel. Whether it is demonstrating the proper way to pour a glass of wine or gutting and redecorating a lobby, Melchiorri knows how to turn a struggling hotel into a bustling tourist destination."

I love this show! Although it can be an eye opener to things that we could be doing differently at our b&b, it is very informative, giving me some new ideas and that little push to fix or redo a few things that are not working for me. I quote daily that it's the little things that make the difference, so I need to practice what I preach and make sure everything is perfect, even the little things. Another big part of running an inn....."that first impression". Most definitely! As hard as I try to make a great first impression, usually that initial phone call when the guest is making the reservation, it is also important to make a great first impression once they actually check-in as well. I work hard to make our guests feel welcome and try to be as informative and helpful as I can, so that they have a memorable stay with us, and want to return. I am definitely taking notes from this show, it is very motivating, you get an "inside scoop" on the "how-tos" of inn keeping! It's fun to see how others run their inns ....I'll definitely learn from this show! It was encouraging though, to see that I already do many of the things the host suggested. :O) My favorite episode so far was The Vermont Inn . Melchiorri helped to turn this almost bankrupt inn into a picture perfect wedding venue.  Check out the link and tune in on Monday night!
I love to I just had to check out the show....Trip Flip! You can catch this on the Travel Channel as well. Tune in Thursday night @ 9 pm est.
Bourbon Street in New Orleans
About the show: "In each episode of Trip Flip, professional fun-seeker and travel expert Bert Kreischer convinces two random people to spontaneously agree to a 3-day surprise vacation. Kreischer delivers an action-packed itinerary stacked with the kind of v-i-p access, accommodations, gourmet food, unexpected twists and celebrity appearances that only Travel Channel can deliver. And forget about guidebooks and tour buses, because every Trip Flip is designed to get vacationers off the beaten path, out of their comfort zones and into the mind-blowing, life-changing experiences that inspire us all to travel in the first place."
Pick me! Pick me!! I would love to go on a free 3-day vacation with my very own personal tour guide!!! Love this show!

In another life, my dream job would be a vacation planner/travel agent. Actually, my dream is more on the level of travel guru...think Samantha Brown level. :O) A girl can dream!!!

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Carole said...

I'll definitely keep an eye out for this show.

I have linked in to Claire Justine a post about the artist Klimt. Cheers

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