Monday, July 30, 2012

Misc Monday

Summer..............hmmmm..........I love summer, really I do, but it is such a busy time, it's pretty much all work and no play for me, and the heat, does it have to stay at 100 degrees all summer???? I'm not complaining, it is what it is, summer {for me}= work & hot weather. I'm ready for a little break though, I need a little break, after all it's almost August, and I haven't had a full day of work off since May! I've taken the morning off a few times this summer, only to spend it cleaning & cooking, and getting caught up on laundry and other stuff here at our house. But I want a day off....I want a little getaway.....I have the calendar out, I'm trying to make some plans......but my weekends are limited....I better hurry and fit it in because in 5 short weeks, Nathan will be back to school!

other random things going on at our house:
  • Logan renewed his lease on the apartment for 6 more months. He is still house hunting, but he hasn't found what he wants yet, so he decided to stay there for a few more months while he looks.
  • It's Nathan's senior year.....we are trying to take care of some things before school starts....we really need to do some shopping...senior portraits are next!
  • I haven't seen Logan since May......Peter and Nathan have seen him a few times over the summer, but not me....I miss him! Hopefully, he & Lindsey can come home for Homecoming the end of Aug. :O)

  • Peter's garden is overflowing! The tomatoes are the size of your hand! One of the things I love about summer: a tomato sandwich everyday for lunch....sooooo good!
  • Hotels in August=$$$$$$$ I'm trying to book a hotel for our overnight getaway, but the rates are ridiculous!
  • The lady that does our website was here this week. I always get some good ideas from her concerning the b&b. She always gives me some constructive criticism which I appreciate, but she also listens to my ideas and gives me her thoughts on them. Between her visit and watching "Hotel Impossible" I'm ready to take our b&b to whole new level!!! LOL Actually, I am seriously thinking about starting another blog....a b&b blog! :O) I'm kindof excited about that!
  • I love Pinterest! However, my boards have gotten a bit disorganized. So, that's my latest organization my pins.
  • Our Summer Bucket List still has a few items left to check off....maybe we'll soon get to do a couple more.
  • I love to cook and I love trying new recipes. Today, I'm going to try a new crock pot recipe: Slow Cooker Ham & Potato Casserole. Check out the link....while you are there check out the blog too......Six Sisters' Stuff. Yesterday, we tried sausage/peppers/onions. After we cooked it up, we put it on a toasted sub roll w/ mustard...yum!!!
peppers from our garden :O)

There is lots more going on here at our house, but I'll have to share more later....I need to stop blogging for now....and you guessed it.....go to work!!

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