Monday, May 29, 2017

Stitch Fix #7 - May 2017

Stitch Fix #7 - May 2017

I was away when my box came then it took me two more days before I opened it!!! 
Can you tell I was preoccupied!?

I had a new stylist, Kristina, since my regular stylist, Litsa, was on vacation.
It's funny, I could tell right away the fix felt a little different. :O)

I had requested summer tops and capris mainly, so I was happy with the items that came this month.

(1) Liverpool Mirabella Roll Cuff Skinny Jean - $78.00

I've been wanting a pair of white jeans or capris and I absolutely LOVED these!!! They didn't have a zip closure, instead a wide band (they were pull on style). They fit really well and were very nicely made, but in the end I couldn't justify $78! So these were sadly a [RETURN].

(2) Renee C Tif Criss Cross Back Top - $44.00

Again, loved this item, loved the print and the style, and it fit perfectly. I didn't love the sleeves (or lack of), as I don't wear sleeveless shirts if I can help it. Otherwise, I would have kept this top. [RETURN]

(3) Colective Concepts Hauselt Bell Sleeve Blouse - $64.00

This was a definite NO! The color, the style, the fit, the price...just NO! [RETURN]

(4) Gilli Ryland Knit 2fer Maxi Dress - $78.00 

I so so wanted this dress to fit as I wanted something new for the rehearsal dinner. Unfortunately, I looked preggo in it, so it was a [RETURN].

Not a good pic...the top was wrap style and the colors were very pretty! 

(5) Bancroft Carter Twisted End Cuff - $28

Yep, this is the item I kept only because I didn't want to lose my styling fee again this month. I paid the extra $8 and sent everything else back. [KEEP]

Thoughts: Although I love my regular stylist, Litsa, I was happy to get a different one this month just to get a little different fix. I really loved most everything in the box, it just didn't work for one reason or another.

I am still loving Stitch Fix and get very excited when my monthly box arrives!! 

If you decide to sign up for STITCH FIX - please use my referral!!!


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