Saturday, January 21, 2017

taming paper clutter

What to keep, what to toss.....I'm drowning in paper clutter!! I save EVERYTHING!! It's this time of year, after all the holiday shopping, and all those receipts, that I feel the need to really sort through all the paperwork that has piled up and hasn't found a home.

A few years ago, I actually finally found the solution for filing all those receipts and important papers in one spot. Remember this......

This old bench is the forever home for all that pesky, it's pretty and functional.

I found a drop-in filing system that fit inside perfectly........

There is even room to hold the paper shredder. I love, love, love that everything is now in one spot, no scouring the house looking for a receipt and no cluttered drawers and baskets full of unorganized papers.

But, while I had my long-term filing system in place, I needed something to keep my bill paying stuff, current receipts, and monthly budget in. I've been wanting a "command center" or mobile "bill paying station", something similar to ideas I had pinned. (picture sources for the following pics: Pinterest)

How to Create a Kitchen Command Center Part 1 of 2Organized Portable Home Office:

Great bill organizer!: Command Center

command center: How to get organized and design your home using Pinterest | The Butterfly Mom. Tackle the kitchen paperwork monster with this simple yet ultra effective “command center” via Lovely Crafty Home.
A simple and pretty solution to paper piles - use a basket and file folders to temporarily sort papers by category until you can permanently put them awayThe Sunday Basket | Professional Organizer Lisa Woodruff shares her weekly paper organization and planning tool - the Sunday Basket.

how to create an office in a boxkitchen basket organization:

Seems simple enough, a basket or bin and some folders. So, last fall, I found the perfect holder at Target online for like $20 and bought some pretty Sugar Paper folders too, now I just needed to start sorting and forward 3 months later...and new bill paying/filing command center.......

I keep current paperwork, bills to-pay, and receipts from the past 1-2 months, which I'll later add to my filing bench. It also holds my planner (Sugar Paper) and calculator, pens, etc. I picked up those fun polka-dotted clothespins in the Target $$ spot. :O)

Paper clutter challenge ---- check!

My goal is to keep on top of my filing and only store receipts here or in the won't find a receipt anywhere else in my house (now maybe I'll be able to put my hands on them when I need something!!!).

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