Tuesday, November 25, 2014

blessing bag

While I donate to organizations like Union Mission, and put money in every Salvation Army bucket I pass by, I've struggled with how I can help those in need that I see on the streets. I wrote about this after visiting Charlotte last month and being approached several times by people asking for money. I didn't know if they were really down and out or not, but it is something that really bothers me. I want to help those in need. After handing out money several times, we realized that we really aren't able to just hand out unlimited cash, so I thought about what else we could do.

I decided to make blessing bags to keep in the car and instead of handing them money (or just driving by and feeling bad later), I will have these bags in the back seat ready to hand out. I searched Pinterest for ideas of what I should put in the bags.

*photo sources:Pinterest

Last week, while in Big Lots I picked up my supplies. Here's what I put in ours:

-facial wipes
-a bar of soap
-a comb
-a pr. of socks
-peanut butter crackers
-granola bar
-bottle of water
These bags cost very little to put together, but hopefully, it will be things they need. I have never been cold or hungry in my life and this is something I am very guilty of taking for granted. While packing these bags, it made me stop and think about how ungrateful I am at times. Being cold or hungry or homeless is something that is very real to many people, and while I can't fix or change that, maybe these bags will help just a little. I fixed these bags with the intention of blessing others, but it turns out, I was blessed as well.


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Shellbell said...

LOVE these! I find that it is an amazing blessing! I keep some (need to make more right now) and the reaction to them will blow you away!

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