Saturday, November 12, 2011

Weekend Catch-Up 11/12

Can you believe another busy week has come and gone?! I've spent most of this week....yep, you guessed it, fall cleaning! Lucky for me though, I have a Mom who {loves} to organize and finish projects around the house. She came over on Thursday & Friday and went through my kitchen like a whirlwind! She can work circles around me, and is my biggest motivator when it comes to getting things done. Thanks Mom for all of your help....otherwise, I would be back in the kitchen again on Monday morning because there is no way I would have gotten it all done. So, besides having a super clean kitchen, I did manage to get a few more things checked off the to-do list. I just posted about the DIY tray I made{which I think turned out pretty good, don't ya think?}. I also dropped off the stuff for the throw pillows I'm having made for the sofa, to the lady that does all of my sewing. I'm using some pretty aqua/chartreuse printed fabric for the pillows to spruce up the boring khaki sofa that I'll be moving into "my" room as soon as our new one arrives.
I bought this most awesome gadget while I was shopping last weekend.
A label maker!!!! OMG...I {love} it!! I've been labeling everything!
I must admit, part of my motivation in getting a label maker, was seeing first hand just how organized a person can be when everything is neatly labeled. Just take a look at one of my favorite blogs a bowl full of lemons. Here are just a few of her label projects:
I also finally labeled my many keys {I have at least 20 on my b&b ring}.
photo copied from Pinterest
Update on the room re-do: I shampooed the carpet, organized some of my scrapbook supplies, and finally found a desk chair! I looked in Target and Pier 1, but nothing clicked, so I didn't buy anything. I spent quite a bit of time looking online last night, and finally decided on an espresso brown leather chair. Best part is I got it for $68.00 including s/h!!!

Also, the mirrors that I ordered from At Home America were delivered today. Peter hung them tonight,and they look soooo good!! I need to get pictures - I'll post those tomorrow.
Tomorrow is church and, of course, football. I'm glad the Bears aren't playing Monday night like last week. I hate having to wait that long to watch. Their game against the Eagles last week was definitely a nail biter, but they WON!! Go Bears!!! After week 9, they are now 5-3.
We have our Christmas box ready to take to church tomorrow. We are participating again in "Operation Christmas Child" sponsered by Samaritan's Purse . This year we chose to buy for a little girl ages 2-4. We stuffed the box with lots of nice gifts that we hope some little girl will enjoy this Christmas.

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{K} said...

The label maker looks like fun!! That's great you got some stuff done around the house and awesome your mom helped out!! I wish someone would come spruce up my kitchen.

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