Friday, July 18, 2014

vbs week

VBS 2014
"Gangway To Galilee"
2nd & 3rd Graders
Standing: Me, Mackenzie, Wesley, Alona, Kylee, Will, Jaxson, Chase, Miss Lula Belle, 
helpers- Schyler, Isaiah, Sydney. {not pictured: Hallie}
Sitting:  Jayden, Anthony, Cassie, Nikki, Kiera, and Lily {not pictured: Wes}
                                                                     "Fish Scales" 
{let the kids draw colorful designs on flimsy paper plates. Cut in half and layer to look like scales}. Makes a nice tdecoration for your classroom.
I made this easy snack:

animal crackers w/ frosting & sprinkles for dipping

We decorated frames with sea creatures. We added a back and a magnet for hanging on the fridge or magnetic board.
 We made these cute turtle magnets with painted shells. Another magnet for the fridge.
              Helpers: Hallie, Schyler, and, Sydney (sweet girls & a BIG help this week!!)
Cassie & Nikki
                                                      The little ones at music time. :0)
Yummy FISH  Cupcakes!
(Thanks Andrea!!)
Cameron showing the class sea creatures. :0)

This was a fun game: put a paper plate on top of your head and draw the following...water, a boat, a person in the boat, some fish, and the sun in the sky. The helpers picked the winner. The kids loved this! :0)

We had a "sea" theme a few years ago, so I copied a lot of my ideas from that, including the glass ornaments filled with sand, small shells, and glitter.

This week's lessons were: 

Jesus Calls

Jesus Teaches

Jesus Calms

Jesus Walks on Water

Tonight, we will have a program to share all the fun songs we learned this week!

"God's Circle Is Wide" was my favorite!

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