Saturday, February 28, 2015

Our 2015 Disney Vacation (February 11 - part one)

Day #7 - Wednesday February 11 2015 (part one)

Our original travel plans were to check out on Friday morning and end the Disney part of our trip. Before coming to Florida, I had suggested doing something different on the drive home, like visiting a city we've never seen before. We could drive a few hours north and spend Friday in St. Augustine, spending the night there, and starting our road trip home on Saturday. We both thought that would be fun.

When we got back to the room last night, we started talking over our plans for our remaining two days here. We always start getting a little sad at this point in the trip and start to dread to see it come to an end. We had two park days, two lunches, and two table service meals left on our package. The more we talked about our remaining days, the more we both wanted to stay right in Disney the extra day on Friday and scrap the plans for St. Augustine. This made us much happier about our remaining time in WDW knowing we now had another extra full day/night. This changed our plans a bit though since we now had three days left instead of two. We could add another night to our stay, but would have to pay OOP for meals and entertainment.

No problem - I already had a Plan B.

Today, we would skip the parks and save our two remaining park days for Thursday and Friday. First of all, we needed to see if we could add another night to our stay, so we headed to the front desk. It again, took a little juggling, but we got the same room for the extra night. Next stop, catch the next bus to Downtown Disney! We were doing a "fun day" today, and first on the agenda - do Characters In Flight.

Up until last year, Peter didn't care to ride the balloon over Disney. He isn't too keen on heights, but last year, he was ready to try. Wind stopped us from riding then, and again on our first day here this year. We were hoping it was operating today. We were almost to DTD when we saw this.............

We headed straight to the ticket window, bought our tickets,
and soon we were flying over WDW!!!


lots of construction going on at DTD.....

coming back down....

As we were coming back down, the wind started to pick up a bit. As we were getting off, they closed the ride again. I loved it!! Peter liked it, but is okay not to go up anymore. It was an awesome view of WDW and I am so glad we finally got to ride it.
We planned to have lunch at our next stop, but we stopped for a snack before leaving DTD.
We shared a pretzel w/cheese & a diet coke from Wetzel's Pretzels.
($4.24 or 1 SC for the pretzel) + OOP for the soda and cheese
We hopped on the bus headed to Swan & Dolphin. We were headed to Fantasia Gardens for some miniature golf and that was the best way to get there. We got off at the front of Swan, walked through the lobby and out the back door.

Then we walked over past Dolphin
past the playground and basketball court
(I couldn't help but think of Nathan as he always searched for a basketball court when in Disney).
across the street and you're there!

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