Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hoo Are You???? Mother's Day Edition

1. Are you a mom and if so how many kids do you have? I'm the Mom to 2 amazing sons, Logan(22) & Nathan(15)...and kitty, Jaxson!

2. List 3 qualities that you love about your mom!

Just 3??? I have the most wonderful Mom- first of all, she's my bestest friend! :O) She is always willing to help -thanks for all the painting you did last week :O) she is always there for me & my family, she is thoughtful, loving, smart, organized, and has not only one of the cleanest, but one of the most beautifully decorated homes I've ever seen! She always gives 110% to everything she does. She has been such a wonderful example of what a Mom is supposed to be. I love to start every day with our morning phone call, just to chit chat and share what we have going on that day. She's a great listener to all the "stuff" I always have going on, she's a wonderful Gran to the boys, they love gathering at her house! I could go on and on. I am so blessed to have such a wonderfull Mom!!!

I Love you Mom!!! :O)

3. What is your favorite thing your mother cooks?

She is a fabulous cook!!! I can't pick one favorite, but I really love her macaroni & cheese and chicken & dumplings. {Funny story....growing up, Mom cooked a homecooked meal every day. Some of my friend's Moms were buying tv dinners and I thought they were so lucky to get to eat tv dinners instead of a hot cooked meal..LOL I begged Mom to buy tv dinners for us, but they didn't fit her budget I guess, or maybe she thought they weren't nutritious enough, I really didn't know why she wouldn't get us those frozen trays of turkey and gravy???? Wouldn't it have been so easy? Just pop them in the oven, no cooking, the night off. Nope, not my Mom, she took pride in preparing a good meal for us and we in turn, looked forward to dinner together at the table. Some of my best memories revolve around her meals and the talks we had at dinnertime. I carried that tradition over to my family. I love preparing meals, just like she did, and the boys, Peter & I look forward to gathering at the table to talk over our day. Oh, and once I finally got to eat tv dinners, I realized I hadn't missed a thing!!}
4. What do you love about being a mom?

I love having 2 wonderful boys that I've watched grow into fine young men. I love being able to share in their accomplishments. I love to see them happy and excited about things. I love that they both like to talk things over with me and know that I will listen (and at times give my opinion), I love that they know I am always here for them- that no matter what they have going on in their life, they always have someone who loves them and is in their corner cheering them on and supporting them. They in turn, let me know how much they love me and show me in so many ways every day. I am thankful for all the priceless memories I have of them when they were little and as the were growing up. I am so blessed to have such wonderful boys.
5. What are your plans for Mother's day?
Logan will be away at work, and I have to work, but we will at least probably go to church. Nothing planned really.


Agy said...

Hopping over from Hoo Are You. My son is only 5 yrs old and he's off to primary school next year. I can't believe how fast they grow up. You must be proud of your boys!

Shanae Branham said...

Hi Susan,
I finally found time to stop by from Hoo are you? Tuesday. Your sons look like they have grown into nice men. Doesn't time just fly by? I hope you are surprised by your family and you have a very special Mother's Day!

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