Saturday, June 29, 2013


I can't believe I pulled it off again! Either I'm getting better at this or Peter isn't the snoop he used to be. {{51}} has started off great...he had an awesome birthday!
He got lots of birthday cards and some birthday $$.....

He loved the shirt that Nathan bought him {and the card with a sweet message inside}

and he really LOVED my gift....

I had planned for us to leave on Saturday morning and stay with Logan & Lindsey that night after spending the day in O.C., but they want us to come Friday evening for a cookout. Lindsey is working on Sunday, so we would hardly get any time with her. Sounds great!! Peter is very excited {{and so am I}}. Happy Birthday Peter!!!! xoxo

I fixed a yummy dinner....marinated chicken on the grill {which Peter cooked}, rolls, cole slaw, & pineapple casserole...oh, and pie!

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